Cars, Trucks, & Boats

With over thirty-five years of experience, it’s fair to say we have worked on just about every type of motorized vehicle. We cater mostly for individuals, collectors, and enthusiasts who are looking to restore or customize vehicles for personal or commercial ventures.

We have hand-painted the earliest vintage cars like an original Model-T Ford, high-end sports cars, single-seat racing cars, stunt cars for television and movies, promotional vehicles for advertising and special events, horse-drawn carriages, circus vehicles and giant earth movers.

If you have a unusual project which you don’t want to smother in tacky vinyl or a commercial vehicle which should be painted like an ice cream truck, then we can help.

We also customize and hand-paint lettering and designs onto motorcycles, snowmobiles, light-aircraft, hot-air balloons, and an increasing number of boats.

For friendly advice and a free quotation contact a tradesman and discover what a quality sign can do for your pride and joy.