Specialist Decorating

In addition to making signage, we have also worked on a number of large decorating and restoration projects involving gilding and hand painting designs. Most notably at the Renaissance Hotel in St. Pancras, London where we helped to restore the Victorian hand-painted corridors and main stairwell to their original splendor. The work took us nearly three months to complete in 2010.

Earlier the same year, we helped to decorate the banqueting room at the Royal Palace in Kuwait. The designs in this room were painted and gilded by hand, and took nearly two months to complete.

Back in London, in 2012 and 2013 we replicated the original Victorian etched glass designs on The Salisbury, The Shaftesbury Tavern, and The Hanson Cab public houses.

A little more contemporary but no less effective, were the hand painted designs on the walls, mirrors and lobbies at the Whitechapel Hotel in London. This work was completed in 2012 for the London Olympics.

More recently, in 2017, we gilded the Spa and penthouse ceilings at the Shangri-La Hotel in Downtown Toronto and a mural on a brick wall for the Collective Arts Brewing in Hamilton, Ontario.

A selection of these works can be seen in the gallery below.