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Cars, Trucks, & Boats

With over thirty-five years of experience, we have worked on just about every type of motorized vehicle. Everything from vintage trucks to high-end sports cars, and from motorcycles to luxury yachts.

And vehicles have a lot of options. Sign painting, cut vinyl or even gold leaf can look fantastic and withstand the elements, even in snowy Ontario.

We also cater for individuals, collectors, and enthusiasts who are looking to restore or customize vintage or specialist vehicles, for personal or commercial ventures.

We apply or paint graphics and lettering onto cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, motor-homes, construction vehicles, horse-drawn carriages, light-aircraft and anything in between.

Gold leaf boat sign painting

Gold leaf boat sign painting

Sign painting Ice cream trucks

One of the vehicles we hand paint the most are Ice cream trucks, the traditional hand painted ice cream truck is eye-catching and extremely well recognised. We’ve heard from ice cream companies that it is extremely difficult to find artists still willing to paint these trucks by hand, as they always have been in the past. Not only that but due to the prices and wastage of printed vinyl the costs are astronomical.

We’ve heard horror stories of how sign companies who rely on prints, have printed whole ice cream trucks at extremely high costs, they never look as good, are not as effective, and never last as long as having it properly painted. In one case we spoke to a ice cream company that had paid over twice what we charge for the same in prints.

If you have an ice cream truck I would always recommend sign painting.

Ice cream truck sign painting

Ice cream truck sign painting

For friendly advice and a free quotation, contact a tradesman. And discover what a quality sign can do for your business.