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Sign Painting & Murals.

Hand-painted lettering, logos, and designs,  onto almost any surface.

This is what we do, and we’re very good at it. Sign painting is an art, and a hand-painted sign is one of the best advertisements a business can have.

Hand-painted lettering is eye-catching, stylish, and value for money, but the biggest advantage is its flexibility. We can paint your company name or logo direct onto almost any surface with spectacular results. Brick walls, ceilings, floors, corrugated metal, we’ve even painted lettering onto a chain-link fence.

Brick walls.

Signs painted onto brick walls often improve with age, turn into ghost signs, or even become landmarks. It’s a no-maintenance, lasting legacy for your business and for less than the cost of a tacky lightbox. If you want to stand out from the competition, then contact us and join our growing list of satisfied customers. 

Collective arts, Mural & sign painting
Murals & lettering at Collective Arts Brewing, Hamilton, Ontario, 2018

In London, you will see our work at The Tower of London, The British Museum, The Royal Opera House, Harrods, The Royal Academy of Music and many other prestigious locations. Now we have brought our art to the GTA.

For free friendly advice or a no-obligation estimate, speak to a tradesman, and discover what a hand-painted sign can do for your business.

The versatility of painted lettering. Sign painting onto a chain-link fence at Bankside, London, in 1999 and a Staircase at the Darlington Nuclear Plant, Ontario, in 2019

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