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Gold & metal leaf

Gold, Silver, palladium & other leaf

Gold leaf is as traditional as it gets. And although the thought of having your company name written in 24-carat gold, may seem opulent to some, there are many advantages. Gold has fascinated humanity for hundreds of years, and despite numerous attempts to replicate it, this most iconic of metals remains unique.

Gilded lettering has been the backbone of the sign trade for over a century, and it is still applied by hand. It’s the top of the range, which is why it’s still used extensively to represent quality brands and organisations throughout the world.

24 ct. gold will not fade, weather, or tarnish. And on glass it will look exactly the same as the day it was completed.

Exquisite gold leaf signage… Without breaking the bank.

The eye-catching beauty of gold leaf is actually not as expensive you’d expect.
Quality lettering and logo’s can be applied to most surfaces with little more than a few brushes, some paint, gilding equipment, and a lifetime of experience.
Gold leaf uses very little materials, which also means very little waste.
This keeps costs  reasonable, even when using 24-carat gold.

Gold leaf has an amazing amount of uses and choices depending on your needs, gold can be applied to glass, metals, painted, coated or varnished wood, Cars, boats and more, you’d be surprised with what you can achieve with this extremely versatile material.

Loose Leaf gilding

“Loose leaf gilding” or “water gilding” is the skill of applying loose gold leaf to a surface using a gilders tip to lift loose leaf and apply, this style of gilding is particularly good for gilding on to glass, and gives the quintessential gold leaf look.

Loose gold leaf gilding

Loose leaf gilding

Transfer leaf gilding

“Transfer gilding” is the skill of applying pressed gold, pressed gold will be beaten against a backing of non stick paper, which is then transferred to a surface that has been primed with a gold size, which grabs and works as an adhesive for the gold. This is mostly used for most other surface gilding and has a very different look but has a brilliant bright shine. 

Transfer gold leaf gilding

Transfer leaf gilding

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We are recommended by English Heritage. And  examples of our work can be found at several prestigious locations in London & Toronto.

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Below, you can check out our latest time-lapse video showing traditional glass gilding. It was filmed at our workshop in May 2019, and shows part of a design being gilded onto glass using a vinyl stencil. This was one of twenty pieces of glass used for two burnished gold displays for Tatar Art Projects, fitted at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto.

From 23 ct. gold to silver leaf and palladium