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Window Films

We supply and install a wide variety of specialist window films.
Commonly used for offices, retailers, public buildings and private homes. They are becoming increasingly popular, and can be used for a numerous number of applications.

Frosted and Etched Glass Effect window Films

We’ve been applying frosted and etched window films for many years.
Perfect to add privacy to a windowed area, and even more impressive when used in ornate designs.
Whilst working with restoration companies in the UK, we replicated Victorian etched glass patterns on traditional pubs and restaurants, to replace original etching completed over a century ago. Art that had been either lost or damaged over the long years.
There are a lot of options and numerous types of films and finishes available.
We are happy to advise and point you in the right direction for your particular requirements.


Frosted film on glass
Frosted film on glass

Solar Protection and Security Films

Solar reflective films, or “solar mirror film” can be a lifesaver offices or homes with direct sunlight.
They will reflect the harmful UV rays, and reduce the heat and glare, with minimal reduction of light. These are available in mirror (two-way reflective film) and a variety of tints.

Safety films have recently become a popular choice with businesses in high risk areas. We have supplied and fitted clear bomb blast protection film onto office windows in Central London. This extremely tough plastic will prevent flying glass in the event of a bomb blast and really does save lives. There are other versions of this film which are used to secure windows against break-ins, and a number of clear anti-graffiti films which allow sprays and paints to be easily removed.

Reflective solar film
Reflective solar film

The options and uses are incredible, and as always we can advise on any application or project.
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