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Cars, Trucks, & Boats

We have worked on almost every type of vehicle, from single-seat racing cars to giant excavators and everything in between.  Vinyl lettering is perfect for most commercial vehicles.  It’s quick to install, exceptionally durable, and easy to remove without damaging the paintwork.

We can supply and install vinyl lettering and printed graphics in all grades and finishes for every type of truck. This includes commercial-grade reflective safety films for emergency vehicles.

Ice Cream Trucks

Some vehicles still need to be painted, and Ice Cream Trucks are an obvious example. We are currently the only company in the GTA still painting these trucks by hand, and it’s cheaper than vinyl.



Canadians love boats, and we work on anything that floats. Whether it’s a small speedboat at the cottage or an ocean-going cruiser, there’s nothing classier than having the name hand-painted. See the gallery below for examples of our work. 

For friendly advice and a free quotation, contact a tradesman and discover what a quality sign can do for your boat.