Gold leaf

Gold leaf is as traditional as it gets and although the thought of having your company name written in 24-carat gold, may seem opulent to some, there are many advantages. Gold has fascinated humanity for hundreds of years, and despite numerous attempts to replicate it, this most iconic of metals remains unique.

Gilded lettering has been the backbone of the sign trade for over a century, and it is still applied by hand. It’s the very top of the range, which is why it’s still used extensively to represent quality brands and organisations throughout the world. You will find it on most government buildings, royal palaces, parliaments, embassies, courthouses, museums, churches, mosques, and temples. As well as many of the top hotels, galleries, and department stores.

The Ancient Egyptians were among the earliest users, and much of their work is still admired today, so there’s no doubting it’s durability. 23 ct. gold will not fade, weather, or tarnish and on glass, it will never look any different from the day the work was completed.

We are recommended by English Heritage, and in London examples of our work can be found at The British Museum, The Tower of London, The Royal Opera House, The Royal Academy of Music, The Imperial War Museum, Harrods, Selfridges, and many Pubs, Restaurants, Fashion Outlets, and art galleries.

Now we’re bringing our skills to the GTA providing businesses with an eye-catching, classy, and cost-effective, alternative to vinyl and plastic.

Below, you can check out our latest time-lapse video showing traditional glass gilding. It was filmed at our workshop in May 2019 and shows part of a design being gilded onto glass using a vinyl stencil. This was one of twenty pieces of glass used for two burnished gold displays for Tatar Art Projects fitted at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto.

From 23 ct. gold to silver leaf and palladium