The Traditional Sign Painting Company

The art of sign painting and how it can help your business

Vinyl sign companies have been butchering Toronto’s heritage for far too long, smothering the city with tacky plastic and prints. It works for the dollar stores, but is this the image your business wants to portray?

The Traditional Sign Painting Company offers discerning businesses across the GTA, a quality, well-proven, and cost-effective alternative to vinyl.

Signwriters are no longer the leading players in the sign industry, but our skills are still in demand, and in recent years we have witnessed a significant revival as the world gradually shifts away from harmful and polluting plastics.

By using the latest technology to supplement the traditional skills of the sign painter; we are helping to ensure the survival of a much-admired trade.

After thirty-five years building a successful business in the UK, we’re doing the same in Canada and breathing new life into a hitherto sleepy industry.

We offer the complete service from local permits and design to manufacturing and installation of every type of sign. Alternatively, we can paint your brand directly onto the front of your building, on the ceiling, the floor, or anywhere you want, the possibilities are endless.

For free friendly advice or a no-obligation estimate, contact a tradesman and discover what a quality sign can do for your business.


It’s been a difficult year for most people around the world. No one could have predicted the terrible events that have unfolded during the last twelve months, and the tragic toll a virus has taken on human life and businesses across our country.

Like many other businesses in the GTA we have continued to provide a service to our customers whenever it has been possible, while strictly following federal and provincial guidelines. The continued safety of our customers and staff is our priority as we look forward to better times ahead.

Below is a selection of the work we have completed in 2020, including the renovation of one of Toronto’s most famous signs. The Gelber Brothers ghost sign on Richmond Street West was re-painted in early November in much the same way as it would have been done nearly a hundred years ago.